CHARLES ANDERSON DANA SCHOLARSHIP FUND (2007) Gift of Annette M. Grant BC83, P: CC12, CC17, CC18, SEAS20 and Geoffrey T. Grant SEAS82, P: CC12, CC17, CC18, SEAS20. (1953) Gift of the Board of Trustees of the Good Neighbor Federation. | (1977) Gift of Eleanor Redman Shapiro ^. (1987) Gift of Steven M. Blitz CC62, SEAS63. ALFRED E. MARLING SCHOLARSHIP FUND (2003) Gift of the Ford Motor Company. CLASS OF 1951 SCHOLARSHIP FUND In this case, you should obtain a letter from your financial institution on their letterhead with the pertinent bank account routing information on it and return it with the ACH form. RAYMOND F. ANTIGNAT SCHOLARSHIP FUND THE LEVINE FAMILY SCHOLARSHIP FUND (2015) Gift of Kenneth B. Chapman CC97. MARK HINCKLEY WILLES SCHOLARSHIP FUND (2002) Gift of Corrie M. and Jonathan E. Sandelman P: CC13. LYON STUDENT SCHOLARSHIP FUND FOR COLUMBIA COLLEGE (2022) Gift of Stephen Fealy, MD CC91, VPS95. (1961) Gift of Lillian M. Jaffe; Emanuel M. Papper CC35, 88 HON ^; and Solomon Papper CC42 ^. columbia southern university financial aid disbursement schedule 2021. never give up matsuoka shuzo; rocks worth money in michigan; wusthof classic ikon cleaver; hoppy paws net worth 2020; Freundschaft aufhoren: zu welchem Zeitpunkt sera Semantik Starke & genau so wie parece fair ist und bleibt SAMUEL AND BLANCHE MENDELSON MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND Federal regulations require CSU to establish and apply reasonable standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) for eligible students to receive financial assistance under the programs authorized by Title IV of the Higher Education Act. If verification is not completed, all previously disbursed federal financial aid will be returned, which will result in a balance due on the students account. ERIC AND TAMAR GOLDSTEIN SCHOLARSHIP FUND EVAN C. AND EVAN T. SALMON SCHOLARSHIP FUND ESTELLE LEAVY SCHOLARSHIP FUND Apply for financial aid. (1988) Gift of Henry Jaffe CC 1927, LAW 1929 ^, P: CC88 in honor of his daughter, Rebecca Jaffe CC88. JM SCHOLARSHIP FUND ANTHONY PENALE SCHOLARSHIP FUND A. LEONARD LUHBY CLASS OF 1938 SCHOLARSHIP FUND LEE AND ELIZABETH GUITTAR SCHOLARSHIP FUND LUCIANO SIRACUSANO SCHOLARSHIP FUND (2021) Gift of Michael Lee CC96. DANIEL GIRAUD ELLIOT FUND (2013) Gift of Daniel S.J. LEONARDO C. AND MARY M. DE MORELOS SCHOLARSHIP FUND JUDGE JOHN JOSEPH FREEDMAN SCHOLARSHIP FUND (1982) Gift of various donors in the Class of 1956. GAGUINE SCHOLARSHIP FUND LAWRENCE AND RUTH KOBRIN SCHOLARSHIP FUND (2005) Gift of various donors in memory of Sidney Morgenbesser. (1988) Gift of Curtis Instruments in memory of William H. Reinmuth P: CC89. The different types of funds have specific disbursements dates. Accessibility JOSEPH AND MARION HEFFERNAN SCHOLARSHIP FUND (1943) Bequest of Edward F. Cole. (2005) Gift of Manfred L. Spengler CC55, SEAS56. THE GEOFFREY E. GROSSMAN SCHOLARSHIP FUND (2013) Gift of Steven E. Coleman CC83, P: CC15, CC20, BUS22. MICHAEL BARRY 89 SCHOLARSHIP FUND (2002) Gift of Bernard Sunshine CC46, P: CC79, GSAS83, GSAS89, GSAS91 and Marjorie H. Sunshine LS69, P: CC79, GSAS83, GSAS89, GSAS91. (1955) Gift of Lester D. Egbert CC 1914 ^ in memory of his father, James C. Egbert CC 1881. (2021) Gift of Omar Kodmani CC89, P: CC23, CC26 and Lina Kodmani BC94, P: CC23, CC26. TUNG LI AND HUI HSI YUAN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND (2013) Gift of Josh A. Krevitt CC89 and Marcy Nislow Krevitt BC90. (2011) Bequest of Leo M. Hurvich. ERIC F. SALTZMAN SCHOLARSHIP FUND (2011) Gift of Jeffrey D. Knowles CC71, P: CC08. (2013) Gift of Isidore Tepler CC76, P: CC18. (1938) Gift of William Campbell^. MR. AND MRS. PING LING SENG SCHOLARSHIP FUND (1950) Gift of Solton Engel CC 1916 ^. WILLIAM P. SCHWEITZER SCHOLARSHIP FUND (2000) Bequest of Helen Martocci P: CC58 in memory of her son, Michael D. Martocci CC58. CHANG CHAN YUK PING SCHOLARSHIP FUND (2011) Gift of Frederick Lui P: CC15. THE VIG FAMILY SCHOLARSHIP (1989) Bequest of Emanuel Goodman JRN 1922. SOU CHAN SCHOLARSHIP FUND Undergraduate and graduate students requiring a military or special services deployment may request a provisional LOA for the designated deployment period up to 12 consecutive months. JOHN M BRAVER & DOROTHY, MARIA, AND YOLE DE BLASIO SCHOLARSHIP FUND Terms of Use JOSEPH WOOD KRUTCH SCHOLARSHIP FUND #2 ELVIRA AND HAROLD POLLACK MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND VICTOR V. KAMINSKI III MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND HARRY R. LEA SCHOLARSHIP FUND (2013) Bequest of Jeanne Metzner . Postgraduate special students and degree candidates enrolled for a ninth term are billed according to the per-point system; the per-point cost is $2,092. (2016) Gift of David Robbins and Joyce Chang CC87, CC24. ELISSA HOROWITZ SCHOLARSHIP FUND (2014) Bequest of Shirley A. Ingalls. CHRISTOPHER JOHN LANNI MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP (2010) Gift of Tanmoy Mukherjee CC86. (2017) Bequest of Richard A. Brooks CC53, GSAS59. (2022) Gift of Sarkis Jebejian CC91, LAW94, P: CC26. JOHN VISSCHER WHEELER SCHOLARSHIP FUND THE ROBERT AND SHIRLEY KAPLAN AND JOSEPH AND HELEN KOHN SCHOLARSHIP FUND (2007) Bequest of Dorothy R. Brodin GSAS43, GSAS63. (1936) Bequest of Mary N. Scranton. First Pell Disbursement January 6, 2023 Additional Pell Disbursement* January 13, 2023 HORACE E. DAVENPORT FUND (1967) Gift of Frank R. Pitt CC28, LAW30 ^. ADOLPHUS EHRLICH SCHOLARSHIP FUND 2920 Broadway (2010) Bequest of Charles E. Newlon SEAS42. THOMAS D. RABIN SCHOLARSHIP FUND The different types of funds have specific disbursements dates. (2011) Bequest of Adolphus O. Ehrlich. OZALTIN FAMILY SCHOLARSHIP FUND (1996) Gift of Eugene T. Rossides CC49, LAW52 ^, P: CC84. The unearned aid will be returned to the federal government in the following order: The withdrawal date used to perform the R2T4 calculation is the date the student officially notifies CSU of their intent to withdraw. DR. M. MURRAY AND LILLIAN PESHKIN SCHOLARSHIP FUND craven county mugshots june 2021; advantages and disadvantages of sweat equity shares. The Department of Education has rescinded the student eligibility requirement and that the student no longer faces penalties or suspension of Title IV aid due to a drug conviction that occurred while the student was enrolled and receiving Title IV aid. CLASS OF 1975 NEIL SELINGER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND (1988) Gift of David S. Dana CC53 ^ in memory of his father, Charles A. Dana CC 1902, GSAS 1904, LAW 1905, P: CC53 ^. (2013) Gift of Ashok Nayyar CC85, P: CC20. (1987) Gift of Leonard I. Schreiber CC35, LAW37 ^. THE JEFFREY NEWMAN SCHOLARSHIP FUND All students are evaluated on three standards: grade point average (qualitative measure), pace of completion (quantitative measure) and maximum timeframe. (2017) Gift of various donors in honor of the twenty-fifth anniversary of their graduation. (2004) Gift of Delta ZBT Corporation. (2014) Gift of the Class of 1979 in honor of the thirtieth anniversary of their graduation. (2020) Gift of John M. Braver CC66. (1989) Gift of Alvin S. Michaelson CC60. ALLAN HOBEN SCHOLARSHIP FUND (2022) Gift of Catherine A. Goodstein and Ian Wallace. RABBI SHELDON J. WELTMAN, PH.D., SCHOLARSHIP FUND (2017) Gift of various donors in memory of Peter V. Johnson ^ P: CC01. (1987) Gift of various donors in the Class of 1977 in honor of Robert L. Belknap SIPA57, GSAS59 ^, P: GSAPP86. (1990) Gift of James L. Spingarn CC62, P: CC89, BC92, BUS94. JAMES T. SHERWIN SCHOLARSHIP FUND (2006) Gift of Brian C. Krisberg CC81, LAW84, P: CC18, CC22. (2017) Gift of Eric Ma CC89, BUS93, P: CC22. SPENCER J. MCGRADY SCHOLARSHIP FUND SANFORD M. COHEN SCHOLARSHIP FUND KATE KERKERING AND ALEX CHEN SCHOLARSHIP FUND ALBOLOTE FAMILY SCHOLARSHIP DOROTHY R. BRODIN SCHOLARSHIP FUND FOR THE HUMANITIES Kateman P: CC89, CC93, LAW92, and mother, Jeanette Kateman P: CC64. For purposes of Title IV. (1962) Gift of Schenley Industries Inc. in memory of Ralph T. Heymsfeld CC 1927, P: CC65. venomous snakes in kansas; wholesale stuffed animals made in usa; tokyo milk fragrantica; st clair county alabama breaking news; queensland rich list 2019; neil henry wife charlie gardner. (2008) Gift of Leo E. Zickler CC58. If, however, you request a loan for one semester only, fall for instance, the funds will disburse in two parts during the semester. HERBERT MARK 42 MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND GERALD AND MAY ELLEN RITTER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND (2011) Gift of Adam R. Meshel CC92, LAW95, P: CC18, CC23. Note: Awards will be processed after this date as long as funds remain. AND BARBARA B. RABIN SCHOLARSHIP FUND BIKHCHANDANI SCHOLARSHIP FUND (2007) Gift of Matthew C. Grossman CC05, GSAS07. All full-time students, international students, andpart-time students who are on the Columbia Student Health Insurance Plan are required to pay the Columbia Health and Related Services Fee. (2002) Gift of Melonee and Russell C. Horowitz CC88, P: CC26. (1990) Bequest of Michael J. Clemens CC61, GSAS64. NORMAN HILDES-HEIM FUND ALBERT J. HAMBRET FUND DR. JEROME & CORA MARKS SCHOLARSHIP FUND They can be reached via, or by visiting the office on the 3rd Floor of John Jay Hall. Borrower Rights & Responsibilities (1862) Gift of William B. Moffat. LAWRENCE S. HARTE SCHOLARSHIP FUND ROBIN-HWAJIN YOON KIM SCHOLARSHIP (1962) Gift of the Harry L. Lobsenz Foundation. (1994) Proceeds from VISA credit card receipts. (2001) Gift of Susan F. and Dennis H. Langer CC71, P: CC04, CC08. THE DYCKMAN INSTITUTE SCHOLARSHIP FUND (1965) Bequest of Margaret Probasco Beachey in memory of her parents, Clement Beachey and Elizabeth Probasco Beachey. (1994) Gift of Mary Lou and Robert F. Coviello CC67, BUS68, P: CC99 in honor of Henry S. Coleman CC46, SEAS46 ^. ARNOLD D. BURK MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND (2006) Gift of Anthony A. Artuso CC80, P: CC08, CC12 and various donors in memory of Anthonys parents, Frances N. and Nicholas F. Artuso SEAS49, P: CC80. (1958) Gift of former Pulitzer Scholars. (2020) Gift of Arthur M. Morris CC61. JOHN CHEE SCHOLARSHIP FUND (1989) Gift of Trygve H. Tonnessen CC39, GSAS51 ^. A student may apply for a provisional LOA by submitting the Leave of Absence Request Form located in the myCSU Student Portal. THE SARAH R. COLEMAN SCHOLARSHIP FUND BERTHE COSTIKYAN SCHOLARSHIP FUND A grade of WF counts as a grade of F when measuring qualitative SAP progress. (2000) Bequest of Frank R. Pitt CC 1928, LAW 1930. TEPLER FAMILY SCHOLARSHIP FUND (1994) Gift of Charles A. Webster CC40, VPS43 ^. (1996) Gift of Matthew J. Assiff CC89 in memory of his father, Charles B. Assiff P: CC89. The Prospect and Student portals will allow students to view all required financial aid documents, check the status of their financial aid application and view their financial aid award once completed. (1981) Gift of John Klingenstein ^ and Patricia Klingenstein in memory of Richard H. Cipolla SEAS48. Withdrawal is defined as the dropping of ones entire program in a given term as opposed to dropping a portion of ones program (seeAcademic Regulations). SCHOLARSHIP FUND (1992) Gift of the Jewish Students Scholarship Fund in honor of Alan Altheimer CC1923, LAW 1925 ^. Stern Foundation. (2012) Bequest of Constance Killam and Elizabeth Killam Rodgers. FREDERICK R. JOHNSON FUND HARRY LEON LOBSENZ SCHOLARSHIP FUND YEH AND CHU FAMILY SCHOLARSHIP CLASS OF 1902 COLLEGE AND ENGINEERING SCHOLARSHIP FUND RAVI KAPUR SCHOLARSHIP FUND CLASS OF 1942 GEORGE A. HYMAN, M.D. (1969) Gift of Fred S. Herz ^ P: CC66 ^ in honor of his son, Robert I. Herz CC66 ^. SALLY LIPPER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP (2009) Gift of various donors. (2009) Gift of Mark D. Sonnino CC82 and Lyn C. Brillo. Transfer credits accepted toward the students degree program will be included as credit hours attempted and earned when calculating the SAP maximum time frame and quantitative progress. (2002) Bequest of Beatrice Rosenblum Vare SW41. (2010) Bequest of Elizabeth B. and Edward C. Kalaidjian CC42, LAW47, P: CC82. (1983) Gift of various donors in the Class of 1920. (2014) Gift of Alejandro Vollbrechthausen P: CC16. ROSENBLUTH FAMILY SCHOLARSHIP FUND (1992) Gift of Francisco A. Lorenzo CC61, P: BUS12. SOLOMON AND DORA MONNESS SHAPIRO SCHOLARSHIP FUND COLUMBIA COLLEGE WOMEN SCHOLARSHIP FUND SCHOLARSHIP FUND WILLIAM ALPERN SCHOLARSHIP FUND (1938) Gift of Sarah L. Horn ^ and Mary T. Horn ^ in memory of their brother, James T. Horn. CLASS OF 1928 COLLEGE PERMANENT FUND BRILLO-SONNINO FAMILY SCHOLARSHIP FUND (1967) Gift of various donors in the Class of 1938. (2013) Gift of the Hildes-Heim Foundation. The appeal must also include a proposed Academic Plan leading to successful program completion prepared by the students academic advisor to include expected graduation date and credit hours remaining in the degree program. RJM FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP FUND HELEN K. IKELER SCHOLARSHIP FUND ANONYMOUS 356166 SCHOLARSHIP Mailing Address THE CLASS OF 1958 PETER STUYVESANT SCHOLARSHIP Graduate students must complete their degree program within 150 percent of the semester hour requirements for the degree as published in the catalog. JOSHUA H. AND DONNA WEINER SCHOLARSHIP FUND (2004) Bequest of Edward S. Weisik CC37. (1994) Bequest of Joseph T. Widowfield CC83. Financial Aid and Educational Financing, Columbia College (2022) Gift of Margaret Sung and Michael J. Schmidtberger CC82, LAW85, P: SEAS22, CC24. (2010) Gift of Susan A. and Robert J. Grey CC72, P: BUS07. JOSEPH S. MICHTOM SCHOLARSHIP FUND (2010) Gift of Frank P. Nocco CC85, LAW88 in honor of his mother, Adriane G. Nocco P: CC85, LAW88. ALAN J. ALTHEIMER SCHOLARSHIP FUND (1966) Gift of Thomas E. Bratter CC61 ^, P: CC87, CC90 and other donors in memory of George Whiting Hibbitt. Apply at least four (4) weeks before the start of your earliest summer class. (1987) Gift of Philip L. Milstein CC71, P: CC09, CC10, BC14, BUS17 and Cheryl S. Milstein BC82, P: CC09, CC10, BC14, BUS17. AVRAM DRORI SCHOLARSHIP FUND (1982) Gift of various donors in the Class of 1932. COLUMBIA COLLEGE VARIOUS SCHOLARSHIPS An important point when requesting loans: if you request a loan that covers the entire year (fall and spring), the funds will disburse in halves, split between fall and spring. ROBERT J. KRANE AND JULIUS Y. GRAFF SCHOLARSHIP FUND (1962) Bequest of Grace B. Kemper in memory of her parents, Clement Beachey and Elizabeth Probasco Beachey. CLASS OF 1920 SCHOLARSHIP FUND AGNES CHI-CHEN LIN SZE COLUMBIA BUSINESS SCHOOL CLASS OF 1945 SCHOLARSHIP FUND (2012) Gift of the Marion Esser Kaufman Foundation. (2003) Gift of Rose Kovner ^ in memory of her husband, Harold Kovner CC 1923, LAW 1925. KENNETH YIM FAMILY FUND BASSI FAMILY SCHOLARSHIP FUND YOUNG ALUMNI SCHOLARSHIP FUND STONE SCHOLARSHIP FUND *Submission of an SAP Appeal does not guarantee approval. MARY ELLEN AND BRUCE EBEN PINDYCK SCHOLARSHIP FUND (2019) Gift of Nadeem Babar CC87, SEAS87, P: CC23. (2000) Gift of Peter Gruenberger CC58, LAW61. Students will be sent an email notification from the Office of Financial Aid to include the appeal form once a student becomes ineligible to receive Federal Student Aid due to a negative SAP determination. KATHLEEN ROSKOT MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND Login - myCSU - Columbia Southern University Welcome For security reasons, please Log Out and Exit your web browser when you are done accessing services that require authentication! (1999) Gift of Ilana B. Mazur SW86 and Marc B. Mazur CC81 P: CC12, CC15 in memory of their mother, Barbara Mazur P: CC81, SW86. JOSEPH RUBIN SCHOLARSHIP FUND Columbia Alumni Center DR. NIS A. PETERSEN SCHOLARSHIP FUND (2010) Gift of Lawrence D. Slaughter CC85, P: CC19. (1984) Gift of Margaret Sirot W: CC56, BUS57, P: BC85 and various donors in memory of Marvin Sirot CC56, BUS57, P: BC85. CLASS OF 1955 SCHOLARSHIP FUND (2022) Gift of an anonymous donor. (1999) Gift of Clare Kim Plumridge in memory of her father, Clarence C. Jochum CC30. (2007) Gift of various donors in memory of Herbert Mark CC42, P: JRN82. MALIN-SERLE FAMILY SCHOLARSHIP FUND DR. DUDLEY F. ROCHESTER SCHOLARSHIP FUND BEN D. WOOD SCHOLARSHIP FUND (1984) Gift of Jesse S. Siegel CC49 ^, P: BC80, SW83. Note: This schedule is not a guarantee of delivery date and is contingent upon CSU successfully receiving your funds as scheduled. (1965) Bequest of Harry Dix Cole CC 1913. (1962) Gift of Mrs. Henry F. Herpers P: CC38 in memory of her son, Richard Herpers CC38. (2015) Gift of Nairi C. Balian CC88, P: CC16,CC22,CC23. (1926) Bequest of Annie M. McClymonds in memory of her husband, Louis K. McClymonds. (1996) Gift of Harvey Kurzweil CC66, LAW69, P: CC95 ^, CC00, LAW97. EDWARD C. & ELIZABETH B. KALAIDJIAN SCHOLARSHIP A student is not eligible to receive Federal Student Aid while on a LOA. Fall 2022 Financial Aid Disbursed (for most students) Financial aid is posted to students accounts. JESSICA LEE BRETT SCHOLARSHIP FUND (2008) Gift of Philip J. Adkins CC80, P: CC15. The amount of FSA awarded for the academic year will be divided into four equal disbursements, not to exceed the established cost of attendance for each term. BERIL EDELMAN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND (2009) Gift of Daniel S. Tamkin CC81, P: CC12 and Lucinda M. Cardinal BC83, P: CC12. KENNETH AND THOMAS WRIGHT SCHOLARSHIP FUND Appeals without supporting documentation will not be considered. RICHARD HERPERS MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND THE ROBERT M. HECKER SCHOLARSHIP FUND CLASS OF 1929 TENTH ANNIVERSARY FUND ANDREW L. HERZ SCHOLARSHIP FUND THE THOMAS AND NANCY CORNACCHIA FAMILY SCHOLARSHIP FUND (2016) Bequest of Victor H. Auerbach CC51. IRVING SCHMEZEL SCHOLARSHIP FUND (1954) Bequest of Edward Mead Earle. CLARENCE BRUNER-SMITH SCHOLARSHIP FUND - COLUMBIA COLLEGE WILLIAM F. VOELKER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND MARGUERITE AND JOSEPH A. TRISKA MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND SO YOUNG CHANG FAMILY SCHOLARSHIP FUND ABIGAIL ELBAUM SCHOLARSHIP FUND A student may be eligible to receive a post withdrawal disbursement if, after performing a R2T4 calculation, it is determined a student has earned additional awarded aid not yet disbursed. KN SCHOLARSHIP FUND GIFT THE CLASS OF 1989 SCHOLARSHIP FUND FREDERIC AND ANNA YANG SCHOLARSHIP FUND (2006) Bequest of Henry Welsh Rogers. Financial aid priority filing date for FSEOG. (2005) Gift of Richard N. de los Reyes CC97. STAN MUSIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND (2005) Gift of Barry S. Hyman CC77, VPS86, P: CC23, GS21 and the George A. Hyman Revocable Trust in memory of Barrys father, George A. Hyman CC42, VPS45, P: CC77, VPS86. Applying for Summer Financial Aid. RICHARD AND CAMILLE SHEELY SCHOLARSHIP FUND (1992) Gift of Andrew A. Lanyi in memory of his son, George R. Lanyi. The commitment of the Columbia College community enables the College to maintain an economically, ethnically, and racially diverse student body. (2000) Gift of Robert J. Szarnicki CC65 ^. (1991) Bequest of Gustave von Groschwitz CC26. HENRY S. COLEMAN SCHOLARSHIP FUND THE CLASS OF 1984 SCHOLARSHIP FUND FALK WALLACE FAMILY SCHOLARSHIP FUND (1993) Gift of Donald L. Margolis CC63, BUS65. DR. JOSEPH F. TEDESCO SCHOLARSHIP FUND (1980) Gift of various donors in honor of Sigmund Marshall Kempner CC 1919 ^ for his 80th birthday. EDWARD WILSON DEWILTON SCHOLARSHIP FUND HELEN M. C. AND J. EDWARD STERN BIO-MEDICAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND THE CLASS OF 1985 SCHOLARSHIP FUND ROBERT STEVEN DENNING SCHOLARSHIP FUND (2021) Gift of Amy and Timothy Coogan P: CC20. (1960) Gift of Louise Craigmyle ^. Toll Free: 800-977-8449. PROFESSOR JOHN D. ROSENBERG SCHOLARSHIP FUND PROFESSOR GEORGE W. HIBBITT MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND RUSSELL C. AND MELONEE A.R. (2022) Gift of Hasan Bazari CC76, GSAS78, GSAS79, P: CC06, CC10, Wendy Bazari BC78, P: CC06, CC10, Shirley Bow P: CC05, CC10, Wilson Ko CC78, P: CC05, CC10. (1988) Gift of Donald L. Margolis CC63, BUS65. (1983) Gift of Isabel Tolkin ^ P: CC54, CC60, GSAPP62 and various donors in memory of Isabels husband, Irving N. Tolkin P: CC54, CC60, GSAPP62, and later renamed in memory of Isabel and Irving. International students whodid not apply for financial aid in their first year are not eligible to apply for financial aid in any subsequent years. (2010) Bequest of Margarete E. Kennedy. CHARLES K. COSSE MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND (2021) Gift of Allan Hoben CC56. The Department of Education has implemented federal regulations in an effort to prevent fraud and abuse in the Federal Student Aid Program by identifying students that have received federal Pell Grants and/or Direct Loans at multiple institutions for the last four consecutive funding years. ABRAM S. HEWITT MEMORIAL . MEREDITH G. MILSTEIN SCHOLARSHIP FUND FREDERICK B. MONELL, JR. AND HELEN P. MONELL SCHOLARSHIP FUND ALUMNI SCHOLARSHIP FUND MERVIN ROSS51, 52 SCHOLARSHIP FUND (2007) Gift of Arthur H. Kohn CC84, LAW86, P: CC13 and Ruth L. Kohn BC84, P: CC13. CLASS OF 1918 SCHOLARSHIP FUND (1997) Gift of Peter K. Scaturro SEAS82, SEAS85. (2016) Gift of Nikolas P. Tsakos CC85. THEODORE H. JOSEPH CLASS OF 1898 GRADUATE ASSISTANCE FUND (1927) Gift of Honoro Gibson Pelton in memory of her father, William Henry Gibson CC 1875. (1967) Gift of various donors in the Class of 1942. NICHOLAS LEONE FAMILY SCHOLARSHIP FUND Half or part-time students may elect to upgrade to the full-time fee to have access to the full range of on-campus programs and services. MORRIS A. (2021) Gift of Shari R. and Gary A. Brooks P: CC24, CC26. MADELEINE L. COLEMAN SCHOLARSHIP FUND (1984) Gift of the Schlumberger Foundation. (1989) Gift of Laurence E. Balfus CC55, GSAS00 ^and Roberta R. Balfus ^. (1993) Bequest of Hubert M. Relyea CC31. ANNIE P. BURGESS SCHOLARSHIP FUND THE RICCI FAMILY SCHOLARSHIP THE FRIENDS OF RICH RUZIKA SCHOLARSHIP FUND If the student has FFEL Program Loans, the name of the lender or agency that holds the student's loan(s), where to send the student's payments and where to write or call if the student has questions. Automated Clearing House (ACH) is the Universitys preferred method for processing student stipends. (2002) Bequest of Emanuel M. Papper CC35, 88 HON. (2016) Gift of Nancy A. and Robert V. Klingensmith CC66. BERTHA AND WILLIAM AUGENBRAUN ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP FUND AT COLUMBIA COLLEGE (1990) Bequest of Samuel T. Skidmore. Graduate students must achieve a passing rate of a minimum of 50 percent of 0 to 9 attempted credit hours, a minimum of 60 percent of 10 to 18 attempted credit hours and a minimum of 66.67 percent of 19 or more attempted credit hours towards the degree program. (2009) Gift of Joyce F. and Prem A. Lachman CC82. (1981) Gift of the Vincent Astor Foundation. SHARI AND GARY BROOKS FAMILY SCHOLARSHIP ELLEN KING HAND MEMORIAL FUND (1913) Bequest of Annie P. Burgess. (1983) Gift of Theodore H. Elliott. (2003) Gift of Jeremy G. Epstein 67 ^. (2005) Gift of Richard E. Witten CC75, P: CC10, BUS15, LAW15. (1956) Gift of Jerome A. Newman CC 1917, LAW 1919 ^ in honor of the fortieth anniversary of his graduation. (2011) Gift of Canning Fok P: CC13. (2011) Gift of David B. Stanton CC77, P: CC09, CC11. ALAN AND RUTH STEIN SCHOLARSHIP FUND FRANK R. PITT SCHOLARSHIP FUND MARY SAYER VOELLINGER SCHOLARSHIP FUND DEAN HERBERT E. HAWKES MEMORIAL FUND CHARLES EUGENE HUBER, JR. M.D. Lavan CC 1915, LAW 1918 ^. (1966) Gift of the Surdna Foundation, Inc. 100% of funds disbursed to student accounts to pay University balances. (2010) Gift of Danny O. Yee CC77, P: CC15 and Stephanie W. Yee PS82, P: CC15. For those students with a credit balance on their MSU account, refunds will be sent to their banking institution on Tuesday . US STEEL SCHOLARSHIP FUND (2004) Gift of Peter F. Cohn CC58, VPS62, P: CC93. THOMAS B. NEFF SCHOLARSHIP FUND (2011) Gift of Janet B. Serle and Ira B. Malin CC75, P: CC11, CC17. GREENWOODS SCHOLARSHIP FUND (1987) Gift of Lawrence A. Gussman CC37, SEAS38, SEAS39 ^, P: CC64, BUS68 in honor of the fiftieth anniversary of his graduation. EDWIN ROBBINS CLASS OF 1953 RESIDENTIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND II MARGARETE E. KENNEDY ESTATE SCHOLARSHIP FUND Wright CC90 in memory of her mother, Nonya Rhoads Stevens Wright P: CC90. SCANDINAVIAN SCHOLARSHIP FOR SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH

Benevolent Funeral Home, 8914 Devlin Pl, Los Angeles, Ca 90069, Articles C