Whenever she reminds him of this, he gets upset with her and tells her she's ruining the moment. All rights reserved. How much of the tension involved envy about Montoyas Navy Crossthe second-highest combat honor awarded to members of the U.S. Navy, Marines and Coast Guardisnt clear. Lt. Bryan Jensen, left, Sgt. Posted by WOTN Editor on Wednesday, July 30, 2008 at 21:36 in Hall of Heroes - Stories of Valor | Permalink, Reblog One of the first things that his new boss said was, when looking down at the dead body of a woman, "By the way, welcome to Midsomer." After midnight during one 2005 shift, Montoya was dispatched to an alarm at a business warehouse in a high-crime area of Katella Avenue. [Redacted] always has to remind him that she isn't as sexually experienced as he is and that she doesn't enjoy having sex for an extensive period of time as he does., In another curious OCSD report apparently made with the same woman as the source, IA noted that Montoya liked to spit in her mouth just before he ejaculates., Kyle, Montoya's outraged plaintiff's lawyer, called the department's efforts to smear Montoya a witch-hunt., In late 2010, OCSD notified the deputy he was unfit for law-enforcement work and cited several more examples of misconduct. Never, replied Keller, who then assured the jury hed also never called Montoya stupid and claimed that Montoya had been the aggressor in their relationship. But in 2002, a Los Angeles woman accused Montoya of raping her at a Whittier horse stable's parking lot. We decided to let him stay [in scout sniper school] despite my better judgment, Allen snarled from the witness stand. At Montoyas recent civil trial inside U.S. District Court Judge Jesus G. Bernals Riverside courtroom, it was the task of Haluck, the aforementioned seasoned OCSD legal representative, to convince the six women and two men on the jury that the department did not permit a hostile work environment and that hostilities against the deputy had not been motivated in any way by his military service. He is quick to say hes not perfect, but he tries to live by a personal motto learned from his mother: Service before self., Montoya claims Keller, who never joined the military, served as the alpha male leader of the Black Sheep, a gang of cantankerous, rebel deputies in Stanton. . Twenty two years later, he now is in his seventh year as a first sergeant and currently serving the 388th Equipment Maintenance Squadron. It was primarily his feeling he was unsupported, not going to get backup and that his life was in danger. He wanted to be a part of that special brotherhood so he joined the Marines.When attacking Iraq, one man called him and said that there were a lot of people hurt. Before they are allowed to patrol, they must pass basic patrol training. Hes not that way. While fighting in Iraq, hed earned the love and respect of fellow Marines for his bravery, loyalty and work ethic. Months of repeated allegations of harassment, physical assault and retaliation levied by Army Sgt. Guys like Tim Keller kept the gangs in Stanton at Bay. Though it had no substantial bearing on the questions before the jury, he summoned two defense witnesses, both also ex-Marines and scout snipers now in law enforcement (Chris Hays of the OCSD SWAT unit and Ron Allen of the West Covina Police Department), to tell the jury that Montoyawho graduated first in his Camp Pendleton boot camp and first in his infantry-school traininghadnt been competent enough to handle scout sniper school, failed and was, thus, unworthy of calling himself a scout sniper. As long as an officer remains a loyal member in their fraternity, police-agency management and law-enforcement union bosses religiously shield cops who've screwed up from public scrutiny or accountability. Anonymous United States Border Patrol September 4, 2015. The recipient of the Navy Cross for selfless acts of combat bravery discovered that civilian life as an Orange County Sheriffs Department (OCSD) deputy was more dangerous than he could have anticipated. "Sgt. They got a firsthand taste when Keller marched into the courtroom while in uniform and inadvertently helped to settle the case. Who Reads This Site? 79-3); . The stress continued to mount. She and Gordon were few of the police . I felt sad all the time., Montoya feared hed lost his mind after the OCSD terminated him and worked to publicly wreck his reputation. Sergeant Scott LungerMarch 13, 1967 - July 22, 2015Resident of Contra CostaScott Paul Lunger was born March 13, 1967 in Hayward, California. It is despicable that OCSD can denigrate a man's heroic service to his country. http://waronterrornews.typepad.com/home/2008/12/ssgt-jeremiah-workman-navy-cross-usmc-iraq-marion-oh.html and links to prior articles. Posted by ; new businesses coming to republic, mo; They claim Montoya's on-duty misconduct grew worse after his return from Iraqi War service. Instead of siding with him, department officials often backed his tormenters through inaction, and then unfairly terminated him from his dream job, Montoya claims in a pending federal lawsuit. He also openly belittled Montoya in an on-duty, deputy chat system installed in patrol cars, writing that the only reason his understudy passed training was because he was the sheriff's boy.. (0) I dont want media attention.. Montoya thinks he knows the answer: The OCSD harbored an anti-military animus against him because he hadn't just been a soldier. Despite the verdicts, the OCSD legal team indicated to the judge that they wont concede their loss. In coming weeks, Bernal will decide how much, if any, money should be awarded for lost future wages. By his outstanding display of decisive leadership, unlimited courage in the face of heavy enemy fire, and utmost devotion to duty, Sergeant Montoya reflected great credit upon himself and upheld the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and the United States Naval Service. Trending. Deputy John Sprague testified he witnessed Keller and Cullen giving each other high fives after hazing Montoya and laughing after someone relocated his locker next to the toilets. In 2000, a jail nurse complained that he inappropriately touched her in front of a line of inmates he was escorting through the Men's Center Jail in Santa Ana. . Rip Tim.you were good, where it counted. Police officers are usually highly protective of one another. After a short break, you'll join Gordon and Harvey, who raise the subject of Falcone's arrest performed by Batman. Management assigned him to the north OC city known as one of the most dangerous, gang-infested regions the department polices. By the age of 19 Scott earned his black belt. If the Marines call Montoya a selfless war hero, there's substantial proof OCSD officials viewed him before, during and after his military heroics as a greatly flawed man. Montoya received the U.S. military's second-highest award at Camp Pendleton for heroism stemming from his actions on April 8, 2003, two weeks . He makes up stories. The President of the United States Takes Pleasure in Presenting The Navy Cross To Scott C. Montoya Sergeant, United States Marine Corps For Services as Set Forth in the Following Citation: For extraordinary heroism while serving as a Scout Sniper, Scout Sniper Platoon, 2d Battalion, 23d Marines, 1st Marine Division,. Keller doesnt deny the existence of the Black Sheep. He even acknowledges they created their own flag and T-shirt. Records also show that deputies strenuously tried but failed to undermine Montoya's Navy Cross; raised questions about his Camp Pendleton superiority and sniper skills; speculated that the tragic death of his fiancee in a Colorado River jet-ski/boating collision had been suspicious; and collected an allegation from another deputy (Keller) that the ex-Marine claimed he would, as a favor for an OCSD colleague, kill anyone. When Sergeant Montoya returned from the war, he became a victim of pervasive discrimination and harassment at the hands of other OCSD employees, says the fired deputy's lawyer, John S. Kyle of San Diego. The problem is it simply wasnt true.. Gerry and Carol Erffmeyer attend a memorial ride for their daughter, pro cyclist Gwen Inglis at Confluence Park in Denver on Tuesday, June 7, 2022. I am the master of my fate, In October 2004, pursuant to Montoya's request, OCSD transferred Montoya to the station in Stanton, California to begin patrol training. . Command Sergeant Major, 91st Training Division. Thursday's freezing . I was impressed by all thatand I thought, 'Wow, what a role model for this community.' After extensive discovery, [Montoya] still cannot provide any evidence that OCSD deprived him of any employment benefits due to anti-military animus, wrote Rossiter, who is also seeking summary judgment on the county's behalf from Bernal. The OCSD caused or exasperated Mr. Montoyas PTSD, making him unemployable, said Ludwig. To have the Daily News in your inbox when you get up. Incredibly, IA deputies even probed Montoya's sex habits and made detailed records. But Montoya passed, prompting deputies to spread more rumors that Carona must have intervened on his behalf. Please share this!!! (free, Privacy Protected) News of the comment spread quickly. To this day, Keller insists he truly wanted Montoya to pass, claims Montoya wasnt ready for patrol, displayed emotional instability and continues to believe the sheriff rescued him from failure. Antonio Montojo, Sgt. An IA report states that Montoya told the teenagers to show him respect, or I will fuck you with a dick so big it would make an elephant scream.. After getting his deputy badge, but before the Department of Defense summoned him to take leave from OCSD to fight in Iraq in 2003, Montoya accumulated a series of troubling incidents in his personnel file. You never know where hes coming from. This soldier grew up in southern California, without his father because his father died when Montoya was young. "He knew the danger. Before he landed in federal prison for corruption, Mike Carona left several notorious legacies during his nine-year reign as Orange County sheriff. Master Sgt. Message usvia ourwebsite or staff page. He says hes indebted to Kyle and Ludwig for believing in him, and hes still reeling from what he considers OCSDs relentless, ongoing campaign to destroy him. she bleeds. Both Iraqi civilians and Marines were injured. Like the military canon of never leaving a wounded soldier behindone Montoya obviously practiceda key tenet of the law-enforcement community throughout the United States is that cops always back up a fellow officer during perilous situations. Menu. This soldier grew up in southern California, without his father because his father died when Montoya was young. His enemies waited almost half a decade until Carona, convicted of corruption in 2009, was goneand then they pounced. Montoya is citing USERRA in his lawsuit. Karate was a big part of his life. Tracking his whereabouts to the 10th of a second, the IA agents claimed they found dozens of discrepancies in the deputy's work log. According to court records, it's not clear why the agency or IA cared, but here's an example what OCSD noted: [Redacted name of a Montoya girlfrienda 23-year-old Hispanic woman] explained Montoya is only concerned with ejaculating. He described the onetime deputy as a sexual pervert, though no corresponding proof surfaced in the case. Firearm Discussion and Resources from AR-15, AK-47, Handguns and more! According to OCSD reports, Montoya falsely claimed to attend meetings he never attended, to be working when he was chatting at 7-Elevens for 30-minute stints or longer, and to be on patrol calls when he was actually visiting various friends or womenor just sitting idle in empty parking lots. Your email address will not be published. . The author is an American, Christian, proud father, lucky husband, Irish Scottish heritage and a Texan by choice. Scott C. Montoya, U.S.M.C. When was there ever any nation that went to war, gave the land back, then put billions into it? During VA counseling, he says, he realized the extent of his PTSD and that I was not crazy.. An investigation proved Montoya knew Willis was wanted because he repeatedly checked the department's system for outstanding warrants. Before joining the military, he worked as an electronics technician and material arts instructor. This file contains additional information such as Exif metadata which may have been added by the digital camera, scanner, or software program used to create or digitize it. He was assigned to the Detention Unit and has served with the sheriff's office since 1999. Find ratings and reviews for the newest movie and TV shows. Documents prove department officials were aware of the problem but didnt take corrective action to remove doubt from Montoyas mind that he would always have reliable backup. In the case of Scott Montoya, he was experiencing something he hadnt in combat: antagonism from his team on patrol [in Stanton]. To Montoya, Keller mentioned the movie to make a point: They [certain fellow deputies] were not going to back me up., The thought of internal OCSD sabotage alarmed Montoya. To defend itself in the lawsuit and also probably to inflict scarring embarrassment on Montoya, OCSD has released large portions of its usually top-secret personnel files on the deputy. He kept risking his life to save many peoples lives that he didnt even know. Hes well-organized, quick on his feet, well-versed on legal matters and, I suspect in most cases, an exceptionally clever advocate. Nevertheless, resentment of Montoyas perceived preferential treatment from the sheriff, whom he met only twice, grew worse after he passed training over the objections of several high-ranking OCSD managers, including Tim Board and Dave Wilson. Haluck tried to rehabilitate the deputys testimony by asking if hed ever mocked Montoyas military service. Citation:For extraordinary heroism while serving as a Scout Sniper, Scout Sniper Platoon, 2d Battalion, 23d Marines, 1st Marine Division, I Marine Expeditionary Force in Support of Operation Iraqi Freedom on 8 April 2003. I believe I served this country honorably and do not deserve to be treated in a way that disrespects the nature of the award. Returning to the front again, he dashed into the contested street and assisted a Marine to safety who had been days. POBR also requires police-state type conditions. In November 2011, President Barack Obama strengthened the World War II-era Uniformed Service-members Employment and Re-employment Rights Act (USERRA) to resolve any legal doubts that the law bans harassment of military veterans in the workplace. He worked in the Corrections Facilities of the Orange County Sheriff's Departm. Sgt. His fitness reports reflected that he was a scout sniper. How charged with punishments the scroll, After about 10 minutes, Montoya walked back into the room with tears in his eyes, and his hands were shaking so uncontrollably he could not write anything on his pad of paper., After Montoya allegedly failed 30 attempts to correctly perform car-stop training in a simulated, stress-free environment, Keller says, his trainee became so angry with himself that he hit himself in the forehead with a microphone, causing a small abrasion on his forehead., Keller's observations about the courageous combat veteran who graduated first in his Camp Pendleton Marine Corps basic-training class and obtained a black belt in karate may have been colored by animus. Main Share your thoughts in a community opinion piece. His actions on patrol were horrible, horrible and unsafe, Keller testified. Lee Trujillo, who replaced Eason as the OCSD boss in Stanton, said Montoya was the obvious choice for the high-profile job. Sgt. Sex talk and kissing sounds were recorded, according to court records. "He is a complete warrior," Carona said. 08APR2003: Entering the third week of the war, Sgt. I was just managing day by day. They spread rumors about him, claimed his military qualifications and accomplishments were inflated or entirely fictional, that his Navy Cross was fraudulent, and that Carona himself personally intervened to ensure Montoya passed patrol training. Montoya's history with law enforcement dates back to 2011. There was zero justification to fail the deputy, according to Quint, who studied all of the training reports on Montoya. Sergeant Montoya ensured medical attention was administered and verify that evacuations were ongoing. Scott C. Montoya, Company F, 2nd Battalion, 23rd Marine Regiment, the media attention was heavy after receiving the Navy Cross Medal. One of the police officers stops you along the way to the cells. It matters not how strait the gate, EAST LONGMEADOW, Mass. Pinned down, with the injured needing assistance, Sgt. Crystal Verringia, who worked as an OCSD community-services officer and emergency dispatcher in Stanton, witnessed deputies badmouthing Montoya before his arrival at the substation to undergo patrol training. By his outstanding display of decisive leadership, unlimited courage in the face of heavy enemy fire, and upmost devotion to duty, Sergeant Montoya reflected great credit upon himself and upheld the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and the United States Naval Service. Puzzlingly, Montoya got the job after the deputy was suspended without pay for 240 hours for lying to Fullerton Police Department detectives in 2006 about his personal relationship with Anthony Ray Willis, a Westminster man who committed a series of sex crimes, including numerous felony, lewd acts on a child. His symptoms included hyper-vigilance, sleeplessness and depression. Scott has been assigned a female, non-commissioned officer escort who she can access 24/7," III Corps tells 25 News in response to an Army sergeant who alleges that Fort Hood officials . Your email address will not be published. During the Battle for Baghdad, Sergeant Montoyas sniper team arrived within Company Fs position as they came under heavy small arms fire from a determined enemy force. Sergeant Major attended his service school at the School of Infantry, Camp Lejeune, NC and served in the Marine Corps until 1987. **, A PATRIOTIC NURSE | God, Country, Constitution *, American Truths | Honoring The U.S. [Redacted] explained that she wasn't into porn and that the little girl comment really bothered her. William TJ Edwards Part 3 Never Quit! Required fields are marked *. Hes a manipulator, an actor.. They hazed and heckled him for years. Sometimes he gets so rough with her that . Scott C. Montoya rushed through enemy fire while "repeatedly exposing himself to fire-swept streets," according to his Navy Cross award citation. Using sleight-of-hand trickery, he constantly reasoned it was inherently impossible for OCSD to have cheated Montoya because the department routinely hires ex-military employees. Bonds has served in every leadership position of enlisted personnel,. Haluck argued that Montoya returned from Iraq War combat already afflicted and is lying that any of his experiences at the sheriffs department impacted his PTSD.

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